Entry #1

College or Dubstep?

2010-12-28 18:42:57 by abyss776

I don't know if anyone will actually read this, but here it goes anyway!

I'm about halfway done making a new dubstep track (definitely my best yet), but I had to stop mid-song because college applications are due pretty soon. Unfortunately, I must make those January 1st deadlines--dubstep or not.

Of course, music isn't the only thing being put on hold for college apps. I have several short stories I'd love to finish up as well as a couple websites / programming projects.

Moral of the story? Don't wait 'til the last minute to do your applications. T_T


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2011-07-04 01:23:57

Good for you!
Collage is very important! (Obviously.:P)

Nice moral to this story. : )


2012-03-20 02:21:32

I dunno man, college sounds all good and stuff
But on the other hand...dubstep?
The two most important things in a persons life...
Look at skrillex man, he said he was a bum in an illegal shed making cinema...now he's got 3 grammes
...I dunno man If I had a massive opportunity I'd definitely go with dubstep.
I wouldn't cancel my whole college career if there were no opportunities...
I would work hard on that dubstep song, as hard as you can possibly think of
Music is what all these young hipsters call 'cool' these day's
And I would kill to listen to awesome quality dubstep around here